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Stop – Change – Start

Monday, November 15th, 2010

For a company that has been such a stable part of my life for almost 30 years, 2010 has been the most radical year every where we completely re-designed the company and executed a full culture upgrade.

I founded the company in 1982 writing business software, then expanding into an IT consultancy and Systems Integrator.   In 1995 we created a new technology platform that several years later the industry coined the term “Application Service Provider’ or ASP.   In 2005 we spun off and I moved with it to live in San Francisco/Silicon Valley in late 2007 just before the new “cloud computing” revolution began in mid 2008.  It’s been an incredible upward ride and with many eye-opening lessons.

So this year, we’ve reset out strategic goals and executed huge changes:

* New management
* New strategic focus –  its all about cloud.  Leveraging our unique position.
* New office – massive 675 sqm building at 88 Havelock Street.
* New team – with a broader focus on more virtualisation and emerging Cloud technologies.
* New Brand and logo  (brand consultants get very excited about such things)
* New website

This new blog will aim to provide a sprinkle of news updates along with technical advice and commentary on IT trends relevant to our clients.