Easy disaster recovery using Automated Offsite Backups to restore critical data

Have you ever checked exactly about how you would recover your IT system if there was a disaster?
Are you absolutely certain your data is being backed up properly, and more importantly, easily recoverable?
Do you know that many businesses overwrite good backups with bad, destroying the only recoverable version of data.

Disaster Recovery is critical to business. The days when you backed up to tape are now over. Even businesses with removable disk-drives are changing to more reliable solutions. It’s not just the physical technology which can fail, anything dependent on a manual human procedure can be missed or even worse, covered up.

Automated Offsite Backup (AOB) solutions allow your business to generate complete backups every night. There’s no tape or disk-drive media to change over, or manual procedure to physically remove the media offsite.  They give you complete visibility of backup data and the ability to restore it back with just a key-click. By layering only data which has changed over earlier versions of data, the AOB is able to re-construct every single backup ever taken over time and this access version history of older backups is a huge advantage if you suddenly discover an important directory was deleted weeks or months earlier.

Solutions can be scaled from simple to sophisticated depending upon your business needs.  For example re-building a file server from bare metal can take 2 days. With planning upfront this can be reduced to 90 minutes.

An Automated Offsite Backup for your system could be set up within a few hours. It’s very simple.   If you’re a new customer as for our free 2 hour consultation to set up a live demo of your own data and then just run it in parallel until you feel confident.

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